Maraging scrap

Maraging steel is characterised by an extremely high resistance and hardness level, in combination with good ductility. This kind of steel is characterised by a production process intended to develop crystalline martensite as well as all its peculiarities.

The main Maraging alloys are identified by the short forms Maraging 200, Maraging 250, Maraging 300 and Maraging 350, representing the different resistance to nominal tensile stress. Giuliani Metalli is regularly trading in Maraging scrap and turnings and we have also great interest in evaluating proposals on re-usable bars and tubes, second-choice products or overstocks manufactured by using these alloys.

Maraging steel can withstand extreme conditions that would be fatal for most standard steels, which makes it a component of fundamental importance for the modern aerospace industry, a much sought after material and a highly potential alloy, even on the market of secondary raw materials.

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Most common Maraging alloys
Maraging 200 Min: Ni17% Co8% Mo3%
Maraging 250 Min: Ni17% Co7% Mo4,6%
Maraging 300 Min: Ni18% Co8,5% Mo4,6%
Maraging 350 Min: Ni18% Co11,5% Mo4,6%