M2 – DMo5

HSS DMo5 or M2 is a super high speed steel based on tungsten-molybdenum featuring good machinability, along with a good mixture of toughness and resistance to wear and it is certainly the most popular high speed steel.

It is used for manufacturing tools subject to dynamic stress, such as twist drills, rotary files, milling cutters, broaches, tools for wood and tools for fine shearing and cold extrusion.

Giuliani Metalli has been specialised in trading in super alloy scrap and turnings for over 60 years and it is regularly dealing in considerable M2 amounts every day.

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Similar Alloys
ASTM A681, DIN 17350, JIS G4403,GB/T 9943, ISO 4957, M32, 1.3343, SKH51, W6Mo5Cr4V2, HS 6-5-2
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We have been uninterruptedly working on the main worldwide markets for over 60 years, where we have acquired competence and credibility on the highest market levels. Well-proven reliability and competence, which have been distinguishing us for many years, represent our best trademark.
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Cronimet Holding GmbH, Nichel Leghe Spa, AST Terni
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