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Widia and Tungsten scrap

We are dealing in tungsten and widia or hard metal scrap in all formats, intended for consumers specialised all over the world every day. We also take care of collecting and delivering material through a network of suppliers and carriers. For information on our offer or for a quotation, fill in the form on this page: we will answer you as quickly as possible.

Tungsten (also known as wolfram) is a heavy metal particularly appreciated for its hardness, resistance to corrosion and wear as well as for its high resistance to high temperatures, which makes it absolutely necessary for the production of special alloys, above all those used for the realisation of tools.

Widia is obtained from tungsten carbide. It is also known as Carboloy or hard metal, an extremely resistant material (hence the name Wie Diamant, as diamond, registered by Krupp in 1926).

Widia is mainly used to realise turning, milling and drilling tools or for operations requiring extremely hard materials, such as cutting and grinding. The tools made of hard metal are harder than those made of high-speed and super high-speed steel, thus allowing for higher machining and rotation speeds.

Tungsten is a rare metal, whose utilisation has increased in the past few decades; its recycling and a proper target use of metal scrap is essential on today’s market.