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HRSA scrap and turnings trade

Super alloys, also known by the acronym HRSA (Heat Resistant Super Alloys), identify a wide range of metal alloys rapidly expanding, playing a more and more important role and facing a constant growth in demand on the market. Their peculiarity is good mechanical resistance as well as good resistance to corrosion and even high temperatures that may reach 1200 °C; this makes them particularly useful in the aircraft and aerospace field where they are used to manufacture the components of jet engines).

Giuliani Metalli is regularly purchasing and selling HRSA super alloy scrap and turnings; for more information on our offer or for a quotation, fill in the form on this page: we will answer you as quickly as possible.

We are dealing in HRSA’s belonging to all the three main groups into which they are generally subdivided:

  • nickel-based alloys
  • iron-based alloys
  • cobalt-based alloys

The properties and the behaviour of each alloy considerably vary according to type and their potential utilisation is also very different.

Nickel-based alloys are used mainly for manufacturing modern aircraft engines; Inconel 718, Waspaloy, Udimet 720 and Inconel 625 are those best-known.

Iron-based alloys derive from austenitic stainless steel and they are suitable above all for manufacturing coating tubes and shafts. The most common types are Inconel 909 and A286

Cobalt-based alloys exhibit higher resistance to corrosion than nickel-based alloys, but they are also more difficult to machine and their use is focussing on the hottest parts of aircraft turbines; the best-known alloys are CoCr, Haynes 25 and Stellite 31

Most traded HRSA scrap

High Nickel Alloys
High Nickel Alloys
High Nickel Alloys
nitronic scrap
Nitronic scrap
High Nickel Alloys
High Nickel Alloys
rottami e torniture maraging
Maraging scrap
High Nickel Alloys
rottami nimonic
Nimonic scrap
High Nickel Alloys