Inconel Alloys

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Inconel Scrap and Turnings

Inconel is a trademark of Special Metals Corporation and it is intended to identify a family of nickel-chrome based super alloys.

Inconel features excellent resistance to high temperature and corrosion and it is used in many fields ranging from the oil sector to the aircraft and chemical industry.

Giuliani Metalli trades in both the purchase and sale of Inconel alloy scrap and turnings and we have also great interest in evaluating proposals on re-usable bars and tubes, second-choice products or overstocks manufactured by using Inconel alloys. In particular, we are constantly interested in Inco 625 and Inco 718 scrap and turnings.

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Quality Cr % Ni % Mo %
Inconel 600 15,00% 73,00%
Inconel 601 21,00% 60,00%
Inconel 617 21,00% 54,00% 8,50%
Inconel 625 19,00% 58,00% 8,50%
Inconel 713 14,00% 70,00% 4,00%
Inconel 718 19,00% 50,00% 3,00%
Inconel 725 21,00% 56,00% 8,00%
Inconel 738 16,00% 61,00% 1,50%
Inconel 904 19,00% 24,00% 4,00%