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High-speed steel scrap and turnings

Giuliani Metalli is regularly purchasing and selling high-speed steel (HSS) scrap and turnings as well as the relative grinding sludge.

High-speed steel (HSS) are special alloys used to make tools for working materials requiring high cutting speeds and standing out for the following properties:

  • high hot hardness
  • high resistance to wear
  • high resistance to compression
  • life time of the cutting edge

These features are achieved by controlling the carbon content, by scientifically using the various elements as needed, in order to create alloys, including chrome, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium and cobalt, as well as by checking heat treatment parameters.

High-speed steels are of fundamental importance for the realization of cutting and chipping tools or for rams for hammers and forging machines, punching and pressing dies, ball bearings, shearing dies and others and their significance has increased all over time, compared to other materials, thanks to their ductility, resistance and excellent cost-effectiveness ratio.

Tools can be divided into two large classes; according to the type of machining and cutting process for which they are used, a distinction may be made between tools, whose cutting edge is heated and tools, whose cutting edge is not heated. The former must have not only a high-strength cutting edge, but also the capacity to maintain a high hot and cold hardness as well as maximum resistance to wear at high temperatures.

The tools, whose cutting edge is heated (temperatures may even reach 700°C), make most use of alloys that can guarantee hardness, toughness, resistance to wear, resistance to high temperatures and thermal shocks; whereas the tools intended for cold machining (shearing, coining, pressing, etc.) must optimise hardness, resistance to wear, structural and dimensional stability.

High-speed steels are classified by the UNI EN ISO 4759 and AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) standards. The following table shows a selection of the main alloys in use and available on the market.

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